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Remember our past.

All year long, we will be remembering the history of where God has brought us from. The individuals who prayed, sacrificed, and guided our church deserve our gratitude and admiration. Additionally, our history is important because it shows us how God has been at work every step of the way, leading us down a path He set out for us from the beginning.

Celebrate God's provision.

When we learn all that God has done for us, how can we do anything but celebrate Him with everything we have. This year will be filled with thanksgiving and praise for God's unfailing grace over our church. A lot has changed over 50 years, but one thing that has never changed is God's faithfulness.

Reach out to our community.

We haven't been blessed by God to become insular and wall ourselves up. When God blesses you, He blesses so that you will become a blessing. Throughout our 50th year, we will be sharing God's favor with our community in explosively exciting ways. God's heart is for people to know Him and His incredible love. This is our pursuit.

See what we are up to

Visit our Facebook page to get the latest information and to watch our latest Blast.

So Far...

Here are a few of the ways in which we have given back to our community this past year (Fall 2018-Fall 2019).

  • Dunkin' Donuts gift card "Blessing Blast"

  • Angel Tree Christmas Gifts

  • Christmas Food Boxes

  • Monetary gifts to a number of local families in need

  • Walmart gift card "Blessing Blast"

  • Dairy Queen gift card "Blessing Blast"