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"Above all, clothe yourselves in love, which binds us all together in harmony."

Colosians 3:14

Life can be hard.  It was never meant to be lived in isolation.  Community is a gift of God intended for us to experience the Good News of Jesus in profound and tangible ways.  Relationship with others helps us receive the support we need in tough times  and gives us the ability to lend a hand as well.  Small groups are the place where the seeds of the preached Word take root in our hearts and become real.  It is the place where we build relationships and live together.  If you are new to our church, small groups are the perfect place to ask questions, wrestle with your faith, and discover a family that cares for you.  Check out one of our small groups and find one that fits you.  We can't wait to see you.


If you are looking to get connected, here are just a few groups you can jump in and get involved with.

Men of Valor is not just another group to hang out at and have a good time. It is a collection of Men who love God, are determined to overcome, and want to make an impact on their world. We teach men to be strong. This isn't a physical strength, but a spiritual and emotional strength that enables us to go to battle on behalf of those in need. We also teach honor. Real men honor, God, they honor their wives, and they honor their children. This is done in the way we live and carry ourselves. At Men of Valor, we want men to be equipped to take on any challenge; to overcome any obstacle. Strength and Honor!


If you want to be a part of what we do, contact Michael Newman at Enlist Today!


Attention Teenagers! Are you tired of sitting at home on Friday nights, watching reruns of that third season of your once favorite show whose plot has now gone completely off the rails - all while eating stale donuts and clipping your toenails? US TOO!


Friday Nights should be exciting! Join Ignite on Fridays to encounter God in new and fabulous ways and build relationships with other teens who love Jesus and want to ignite their world.


You won't have to clip toenails, but you will likely get to have whipped cream hit you in the face, bowl for human bowling pins, and (more importantly) worship Jesus and pray with one another. Join us and discover who Jesus has created you to be!


Ready to discover your destiny, ladies? Women of Destiny is a place solely for women that desire to know the passionate, stunning love of Jesus Christ. We gather together to explore Gods word, encourage one another, pray together, and just have fun!  As we meet, we learn about each other - our dreams, talents, and struggles. You will have opportunities to travel to amazing, life-changing conferences, give of yourself to the needs of the community, and, most of all, grow in your relationships with others and with Jesus.  In the end, we may come as a strangers, but we are guaranteed to leave as friends - excited about what God is undoubtedly preparing to do in our lives.

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