"Those who worship God must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration."

John 2:24b

Everyone worships something.  For some it is money.  For others it is fame or power.  Worship is simply an outward expression of the heart's desire.  Here at the Church of Life and Praise, our desire is Jesus.  Worshiping Him is pivotal to who we are. This means that encountering God is the foundation on which we build everything we do.  To us, Jesus is more important that anything else this world could offer.  A corporate worship service here usually includes music, dancing, and raising hands.  Our music is often very modern and loud; yet it is also passionate, Jesus centered, and sometimes overtaken by silence.  We love many forms of worship and strive to let God direct and flow through every service.  Above all, everything we do in worship has Jesus in the center.  He is the ultimate destination in the journey of our lives.

Children's Programs
We have a number of amazing groups for kids of every age. If you have anyone from a baby to a high school senior, click on the link to discover what we offer.

Check out what we are worshiping to here:

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