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Our children's programs are an integral part of our ministry as a church. We view our children as being just as much a part of the church as any adult. We have children participating in almost every area of ministry, from music to media. This idea is at the core of everything we teach.


We want all our kids to learn just how much Jesus loves them, as well as how He wants to be a tangible, real part of their daily life. The aim of every class is draw out these truths.


To ensure the safety and confidence of all who attend our services, we use a secure children's wing and a simple, web-based check in system. Additionally, our children's staff is thoroughly vetted. All children's staff are required to have a state-issued background check. Moreover, a number of our staff work professionally in schools and/or are certified Maine educators.


Critter Junction - Sundays - Infant through grade 4


Critter Junction is our version of Sunday School. However, we strive to ensure it is much more than an ordinary Sunday School. We want kids to encounter God in real, tangible ways. We teach them Bible stories, but we also show them how to be part of Jesus' church. There is no "Jr. Holy Spirit." The same Spirit that fills adults can fill our kids. Teaching kids how to pray for miracles, how to hear from God, and how to share their faith is all part of our curriculum.


Spark - Sundays - Grades 5 - 8


Spark is our preteen class. On Sundays, kids will prepare to enter the wild and crazy world of adolescence by learning from Jesus' example. While the rest of the younger children learn and play in the forest of Critter Junction, Spark is there to light a fire in the hearts of our pre-teens. With plenty of games and practical life-lessons, Spark will have kids ready for their teens and prepared to ignite their world for Jesus.

History Makers - Monday Nights - Grades K4 - 8
On Monday nights, we combine our Sunday classes to form an exciting, interactive class that bridges the age groups. In History Makers, we try to draw out deeper Biblical and spiritual truths, we invite kids to encounter God, and we put them into action. Calling them to be a part of Jesus' church is what we are all about. So get ready for videos, games, and plenty of hands on fun.
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