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Life can be hard.  It was never meant to be lived in isolation.  Community is a gift of God intended for us to experience the Good News of Jesus in profound and tangible ways.  Relationship with others helps us receive the support we need in tough times  and gives us the ability to lend a hand as well.  Small groups are the place where the seeds of the preached Word take root in our hearts and become real.  It is the place where we build relationships and live together.  If you are new to our church, small groups are the perfect place to ask questions, wrestle with your faith, and discover a family that cares for you.  Check out one of our small groups and find one that fits you.  We can't wait to see you.

As Christians, we are called to reach our world with the Good News of Jesus.  If you have followed the first two steps by encountering God and building relationships, then you are ready for the next step.  Here Life and Praise, we believe in a life led by the Spirit of God.  This means letting God take part in our daily lives  by following His direction.  Whether by praying for others, serving those in need, or offering a simple “Jesus loves you,” we must show the love of God every day, everywhere.  As a church, we give to local charities and help fund missions abroad.  We also want to provide opportunities for you personally to get engaged, becoming Jesus' hands and feet in a world that is hurting.  Here are just a few ways we are changing our world with the Gospel.  What are ways that you can spread the love of God in your day to day life?

Change The World


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Sunday Morning – 10am

[Critter Junction and Blaze /// birth - grade 8]


Monday Night – 6:30pm

[History Makers /// k4 - grade 8]


Tuesday Night - Prayer Furnace 6pm


Friday - Ignite 7pm [grades 7 - 12]

Encounter God

Everyone worships something.  For some it is money.  For others it is fame or power.  Worship is simply an outward expression of the heart's desire.  Here at the Church of Life and Praise, our desire is Jesus.  Worshiping Him is pivotal to who we are. This means that encountering God is the foundation on which we build everything we do.  To us, Jesus is more important that anything else this world could offer.  A worship service here usually includes music, dancing, and raising hands.  Our music is often cutting edge and loud; yet it is also passionate, Jesus centered, and sometimes overtaken by silence.  We love many forms of worship and strive to let God direct and flow through every service.  Above all, everything we do in worship has Jesus in the center.  He is the ultimate destination in the journey of our lives.