Go Into All the World

"...and then Jesus told them, 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.'"

Mark 16:15

As Christians, we are called to reach our world with the Good News of Jesus.  If you have followed the first two steps by encountering God and building relationships, then you are ready for the next step.  Here at Life and Praise, we believe in a life led by the Spirit of God.  This means letting God take part in our daily lives by following His direction.  Whether by praying for others, serving those in need, or offering a simple “Jesus loves you,” we must show the love of God every day, everywhere.  As a church, we give to local charities and help fund missions abroad.  We also want to provide opportunities for you personally to get engaged, becoming Jesus' hands and feet in a world that is hurting.  Here are just a few ways we are changing our world with the Gospel.  What are ways that you can spread the love of God in your day to day life?





Community Outreach

In addition to living lives of generosity and love through our daily actions, here are a few ways in which we as a corporate body are joining together to change lives in our city.





We are often engaged in projects to help church members and fellow citizens make repairs, help move, and supply meals when they are in need. Frequently, this is done through our small groups.
We also partner with other local ministries who are already doing things better than we could. We help fund the local food bank and help craft window dressings for the coming winter, to name a few.
An integral part of our ministry as a church is our connection with a growing elderly community. We send leaders to sing and deliver the Word one of our local nursing homes every Sunday.
During the Christmas season, CLP truly cranks up to 100%. We organize and set up an angel tree at a local resaurant to help needy families. This is aided by the Women of Destiny small group who hold a huge tea party to fundraise. All the money goes to enduring every last angel, out of almost 100 that we hang, is taken care of.

Missions We Support





Ministries We Recommend

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